Friday, June 17, 2011


She’s a saucy little tease! The mischievous little Pierrette just adores all the attention of being the center of a love triangle between the sad and sweet little Pierrot and that dashing bad boy acrobat Harlequin.


Fickle little thing, why should she choose when she can have them both!

The Pierrette Marotte depicts the classic Commedia dell'Arte character sporting the signature colors of Pierrot and the distinctive diamond pattern of the ribald Harlequin.

Pierrette is a one of a kind direct sculpt marotte made from papier-mâché. She stands 16inches high. Her jester’s cap is 11 inches wide and her base is 5 ½ inches in diameter. Pierrette was constructed by layering paper strips over a paper armature and a wooden dowel. All of her raised detail, including her facial features where sculpted using paper pulp.

Her ruff is made from wired ribbon and her streaming ribbons are adorned with jingle bells, she likes to make a lot of noise.

As with all of our Papier-mâché pieces the Pierrette Marrote is a solid, sturdy well sealed piece. As long as it is not abused it should last for generations to come.