Saturday, July 17, 2010


Festive, fun and fiery, Calcifer is a marotte with distinctive character. His silly cross-eyed countenance reveals just what this jester thinks of the powers that be. With his scalding wit, Calcifer is ever grateful for the long standing tradition that allows the court fool to speak freely and keep his head intact.

Calcifer is quite the dandy sporting his tierce-feuille collar. Each section of that distinctive collar is edged in gilded swirls that surround a fleur-de-lis. His jester’s cap is also emblazoned with fleurs-de-lis that flank his handsome face – even if he does admit to such himself. His base mirrors his overall orange, red and gold design and is styled with a trio of fleurs-de-lis.

As a proper marotte should be, Calcifer is be-ribboned and belled so as to make an appropriately dashing show at court. His cascading ribbons are orange, red and gold and his three golden jingling bells are always at the ready to ring out applause for whatever clever jibe he conjures up next to tease, taunt and ultimately please his royal benefactor.

Calcifer is a one-of-a-kind direct-sculpt marotte made of papier-mâché. He is just over 19 inches tall and is approximately 14 inches at his widest point. His form was constructed by layering paper strips over a paper armature and a wooden dowel. All of the raised details from his facial features— including his wayward tongue – to his decorative fleurs-de-lis are hand sculpted from paper pulp.

As with all of our papier-mâché pieces, Calcifer is sturdy, solid and properly sealed. As long as he is not abused, he should last for generations to come.

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