Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Starry Night

This lady is no fool. From her vantage point she sees far and wide. Her persona is the embodiment of the jester as sage advisor to the court. Starry Night, looks as if she were plucked straight from the night sky. Graced with a serenity that comes from being a timeless watcher from above, her luminous face is surrounded by eight pointed stars and swirls of glittering silver constellations.

Trailing ribbons of black, white and silver cascade over her pleated and wired black and white ruff made of silk dupioni.

Starry Night is a one-of-a-kind direct-sculpt marotte made of papier-mâché. She is 17 inches tall and is 11 inches at her widest point. Her form was constructed by layering paper strips over a paper armature and a wooden dowel. All of the raised details are hand sculpted from paper pulp.

As with all of our papier-mâché pieces, Starry Night-despite her ethereal appearance-is sturdy, solid and properly sealed. As long as she is not abused, she should last for generations to come.

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